Saturday, August 13, 2016

Sketchbook: Rumble Pak Preliminary Artwork

A while back, I posted a link to the SoundCloud page for Vest and Tyler, who I did a piece of album art for. You can check that album art out here. And if you're interested in seeing him at the Midwest Gaming Classic in Brookfield, Wisconsin, you can help him out here.

Today, I've decided to share a couple preliminary bits of artwork with you all. Take you through a little bit of the creative process.

Once I had decided on the idea of a colored ripple with a sound wave cutting through it, the first question was how to realize it. So first, I went ahead and painted it on canvas paper with the plan to scan it in.

Two problems ensued.

1: The paper got soggy and wrinkled.

2: My scanner wasn't big enough. Whoops.

So, having had to take a picture with my phone, I ended up with this.

Perhaps my first paid commission should look a little bit better than this....
Undaunted, I went ahead and took the previous picture and put it through a crapload of free photo editing tools until I got this instead.

At least it doesn't look like something I painted on wrinkly paper.
Up until this point, I was counting on the painting looking good enough to suffice with minimal editing. But it soon became obvious that I'd need better tools. It was at this point that I decided to deal with my total lack of any art software by downloading a free program online called Krita. And after testing it out with a quick Reverse-Flash, I went to work adjusting the ripples and coming up with different ideas for the sound wave. Here are a few designs that didn't quite make the cut.

I still kind of like the top left one.
And there you have it. A little behind-the-scenes look at what I do beyond reviewing things. And a not-so-shameless plug for Vest and Tyler. So sue me.


  1. that's pretty freaking looking, how'd you figure on the design?

    1. I'd have included the initial concept art, but I was unable to find it when I made this post.

      But after listening to the song, the deep bass and sunthesized blips gave me this image of a vibration with a soundwave cutting through it. This was after I had discarded ideas based around 8-bit fireballs.

      If I ever find that concept art, I'll discuss a couple other ideas that never made it past the first piece of paper.