Sunday, June 30, 2013

Spotlight: Captain Atom Armageddon

Those of you who have been following my show from the beginning (all four of you) should remember that I addressed this briefly in the first Character Study. Remember? I kept saying "Quantum?"  Well, it looks like I'm going to keep saying it, because we're putting the Spotlight on....

Dang, but that cover is absolutely gorgeous.  Buy this, even if it's just for the cover.

New Segment: Spotlight

Aloha again, interwebs.  Welcome to....

This will be my, shall we say, more "traditional" contribution to the annals of the internet in that I will be reviewing things that fall in to my area of expertise (comic books, in case you're late to the party).  However, the usual content of your average interview will be forgo... ed.  Forgone?  Forewent?  Fore... starting over.
In my SPOTLIGHT posts, instead of ranting and raving and complaining about something I hate (because, let's be honest, that's what the rest of the internet's for), I have instead decided to use this space to instead recommend something good.  Here, I'll be showcasing, highlighting, or "spotlighting," if you will, good comic books that you can seek out and enjoy.  And before you ask, no, I will not be posting scans of my own copies, because that would be all sorts of illegal.  However, the vast majority, if not all of the things I recommend can be found on Amazon, if you find yourself inclined towards purchase.  And with that, I'll see you at my first review!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Character Study: Cyclops, Part 2

Now, where were we? Oh, yes.
Xavier sent the team to a place called Krakoa, where he thought he sensed a powerful mutant, but was really a living island with a name that sounds like a sup-par thunder onomatopoeia. It tried to eat them, like living islands do, and the team was stuck on Krakoa. Xavier recruited new X-Men to rescue them, like throwing more Frisbees at one stuck in a tree.

Character Study: Cyclops, Part 1

This time, let's examine one of Stan Lee's "Merry Mutants." Specifically, one who often ends up in the top three most popular X-Men...  and I really don't understand why. But we give every character a fair chance here at the NewtCave. Let's begin!

I'm not saying "You can't like him." I'm saying "You know he's a jerk, right?"

Monday, June 24, 2013

Ranting and Rambling: Heroes Addendum

Apparently, I have a good sense of timing, because no sooner than I posted the Rant/Ramble on NBC's Heroes, I discovered that NBC was considering reviving the show as an X-Box Live exclusive, similar to Netflix or Hulu's exclusive programming. Although, the particular article I read had been posted in April, so I'm a little late to the party, it would seem.

...forget what I said about timing.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ranting and Rambling: Where did Heroes Go Wrong?

NBC's Heroes. Ah, the memories. I absolutely loved Heroes when it was first on TV. I thought it was an interesting show with a good premise, solid acting (even from the child actors, which is always nice), and interesting plot twists. I was such a fan, that I have the "Saving Charlie" novel, I read all the internet comics, and I've browsed more Heroes related art on DeviantArt than I'd really like to admit. (Too late. Oops. Seriously, though, a fan-made wallpaper would make my week.)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Character Assassination: Gwen Stacy

40 years dead, and people still ship Gwen and Peter.

Let's examine one of the only comic book deaths which has, save for clones, alternate universes, and whatnots, stayed permanent. It may also be the most important comic book death ever. Gwen Stacy might not be as famous as her successor, Mary Jane Watson, but you ask the average person who she is, they'll say, "Oh, I know her! She died, right?" That's pretty impressive for a character who's been dead since the 60's. Mention Carlie Cooper to non-comic readers and you get blank stares.
You have no idea who this is. I envy you.


Sorry to both of my readers, but the next post will not be going up as planned, due to my repeatedly being told:
"An error occurred while trying to save or publish your post. Please try again."
Even as I type this short post, it keeps happening.
Sorry for the inconvenience, the first installment of Character Assassination will go up as soon as possible.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Character Study: Captain Atom, Part 2

(To read Part 1, click here.)
It was soon after that point in Captain Atom's life that another shiny guy called Waverider came from the far future of 2001 (well, it was the future then) to stop an unknown super-hero from becoming an evil super-dictator called Monarch. But then, out of nowhere, a spoiler happened!

Oh, sure, these days, spoilers are everywhere Rosebud was his sled. But in 1991? It was utterly unheard of!  

Someone, somewhere, somehow leaked the information that Captain Atom was Monarch to comic book readers. Having never encountered anything like this, DC quickly changed the ending of their story so that instead, Monarch killed a character called Dove, then was revealed to be a future version of Hawk, her partner, who went crazy after Monarch killed Dove….

But then, why didn’t he just not become Monarch so that he would have never killed Dove so that he’d never become Monarch…? 

The ultimate explanation.
I grudgingly accept this answer.

Character Study: Captain Atom

Hello, world, and welcome to the premiere installment of Character Study! I don't know about you, but I'm seven kinds of excited to be here! So the question is, what fan-favorite icon of comic book legends shall I elaborate upon first? And the answer is none other than Captain Atom!
What? You've never heard of Captain Atom? ...well, you've never heard of me, either. Let's get started!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Future of the NewtCave

  As we all know, sometimes life just give us lemons.  When this happens, we have but three choices ahead.

#1:  Throw the lemons right back in life's face.  Now, life has a bruised face and someone gets charged with assault.  Probably not the best choice.

#2: Throw the lemons away out of spite.  Now, no one has lemons.  Still not the best choice, and it only gets worse if you're at sea.  Because everyone gets scurvy, which is not good times.

#3:  Say it with me:  "Make lemonade."  Know what?  Scratch that, I'm making me some lemon meringue pie.

  The point of this is that the originally planned and scheduled video segments will not be happening as originally planned.  HOWEVER, that does not mean that this is the end of the NewtCave!  Far from it.  Instead, the NewtCave will be striving to provide you with the same content as promised, just in a slightly different format.  As such, I have been working around the clock to convert scripts that were meant to be spoken aloud with video accompaniment to a text-based format.  Sadly, some things will be lost in this format change, including, but not limited to:
*  My Bane impression
*  The show intros that I put time and effort into
*  The music over the end credits
*  End credits

But we must keep moving forward, into a bright, new, shiny tomorrow full of even more cliches!
I'll see you here tomorrow when we take our first look at a comic book character in a segment I like to call:
Character Study.

Monday, June 10, 2013

For those of you not on Twitter...

...actual content will be up very soon, with a schedule available by the end of the week.
Various difficulties (that will be explained) are being overcome ASAP, and I thank you for standing by!  If you somehow ended up at the NewtCave and have absolutely NO idea what any of this means, I would like to recommend my previous post.

See you soon, with actual content,