Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Recap: Avengers: EMH (Micro-Episode 16) "If This Be Doomsday!"

...then what? "If this be Doomsday" is not a complete sentence. You could say "This be Doomsday," but then you'd sound like a fatalistic pirate.

As the beasts attack everyone in sight, Cap and Bucky manage to hold them off. The HYDRA goons aren't so lucky, though. As the fighting continues, Cap orders Bucky to close the portal before the Frost Giant can break through. After some one-sided swordplay with von Strucker, von Strucker gets taken out when he stabs some electrical equipment. Nazi science sneers at health and safety! Sorry, HYDRA science.

Thinking quickly, Cap sends a few monsters back through the portal with an impromptu flamethrower. But before a wolf escapes the flames to maul him, the utterly massive Frost Giant grabs it and stands up from the portal.

"Hey, everybody just chill."
Not in the mood to fight a fifty-foot-tall iceman, Cap gives the signal to Bucky, who slices the power to the Asgardian fragment powering the machine. Then the place starts exploding as Red Skull vows revenge.

Bucky suggests that this might be a good time to leave, but Cap is adamant that this ends now. They both take off after the Red Skull, who enters his escape rocket.

Captain America: "Bucky, stay here! Secure the fortress!"

What, the exploding one? I think the rocket's a safer bet, Cap. So does Bucky, because he follows Cap into hitching a ride on the outside of the rocket.

Bucky: "I've got your back, Cap!"
Captain America: "Bucky! I told you to..."
Bucky: "Yeah, I know! But we're partners, right?!"
Captain America: "...let's finish this."

"C'mon, civilian! Let's go beat up a war criminal!"
But as they climb up to the cockpit and apprehend the Red Skull, he sets the self-destruct and hits the eject button. So now Cap and Bucky are on a missile. With less than thirty seconds to go, Bucky gets his leg stuck to the ladder.

Bucky: "Sorry, Cap!"
Captain America: "Stow that talk; we'll make it!"
Bucky: "No, I mean... sorry the world needs Captain America more than Bucky!"

With his other leg, he kicks Captain America off the missile. With one last salute to his idol, the missile explodes, and the shockwave sends Cap down into the Kirby Dot-filled ocean, with ice slowly forming over his shield as he sinks to the bottom. We cut to the future guy from earlier finishing up his newsreel, which ends with a salute to the fallen Captain America.

Anouncer: "Farewell, Captain America, wherever you are!"
Future Guy: "No. Not 'where.' 'When.'"

Who's not where? Wait, when, but not where? Why not where? Why when? What where? Third base!

To be continued.

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  1. Captain America confirmed for Back To The Future 4.

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