Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Recap: Avengers: EMH (Micro-Episode 11) "My Brother, My Enemy"

The big Thor/Loki fight! retrospect, I should have said Thor vs. Loki. As it is, people are probably finding this post by Google searching for that fanmade poster where Thor holds Loki tenderly in his meaty arms.

Moving on. Hey! Stop typing "Thor Loki embrace poster" in the search bar, I said moving on.
We open on where we left off last time, with Thor and Loki fighting. Thor gets zapped by Loki's dark energies, and gets quite badly hurt. Still, he doesn't want to fight his brother, and tries to talk Loki out of his plan by calling upon Loki's love for his brother, reminding him of all the good times they had.

I think you and Loki remember very different "good times," Thor.
But Loki still wants to take over and kill Thor, what with Thor being blind to "Odin's lies." Yeah, Loki? your title's "God of Lies." I think the pot's calling the cauldron black. At the very least, a dark shade of grey.

They fight, and Thor manages to win against the dark magicks of Loki, despite Loki's little tricks like turning into a flock of either moths or ravens (I can't tell), purple fireballs, and the like. Loki gets brought in chains before Odin, and they argue. It basically comes down to "Loki, I was going to take a nap! Don't steal the throne!" against "You're not my real dad!" So Odin grounds Loki by teleporting him to the Isle of Silence, which is monochromatic. And there is. No. Sound. At. All. You know, absolute lack of sound leads to hallucinations.

Say hi to your nightmares, Loki. 
Odin tells Thor that Thor needs to get stuff around so he can take his epic Odin-nap and regain his energy for a year. But Thor says that the other gods can do his job, and he wants to be on Earth for a bit.  But Odin argues that humans can get by on their own, like that Jane Foster lady.

But that just gets Thor mad because he doesn't like Odin watching him 24/7, not letting him have a life of his own. It's like that on Earth too, Thor. One word: NSA. (Oooh! Topical!) But Thor manages to raise a good point. Odin is a manipulative bastard. After all, Odin's ravens keep him informed of pretty much anything. Odds are, he probably knew Asgard was going to be attacked by Loki and the Frost Giants, and Thor calls him out on this and offers his alternative.

Thor: "Should Asgard be threatened, I will be here. But until then, I choose Earth."

"Jane Foster doth need my help... um, building a portal device."
"I thought she was a nurse?"
"Aye. And I do believe I need an examination...."

He leaves the hall, and the Micro-Episode ends. Next time, we shift focus from Thor to Loki. See you then.

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