Thursday, June 19, 2014

Recap: Avengers: EMH (Micro-Episode 12) "The Isle of Silence"

Loki's turn! But can we trust a story about the God of Lies?

Yes. Yes we can.
Thor looks out on Asgard one last time, and leaves for Earth while being watched by a mysterious, green-clad woman who proceeds to teleport to Loki's Isle of Silence. While Loki waits for her to arrive, he thinks back to what got him in this mess.

Earlier that day, Loki told all the Frost Giants that Odin wanted to commit a little genocide on them, because Odin's what you would call an "Old Testament" sort of god. The Frost Giants are hesitant, what with Thor being a pretty good fighter, but Loki tells them to leave Thor to him.

Thinking back to Earth, Loki flashes back to Hulk's arch-nemesis the Leader ordering the Wrecking Crew to steal the Gamma-emitter. And by "the Leader," I mean "Loki in disguise."  Later that same day, a woman in a green dress calls out to Thor, saying that the cops at the docks need help dealing with the Wrecking Crew.

"Pink."  "Huh?"  "Pink."
(A No-Prize if you get the reference.)
After Thor leaves, she transforms into the green-clad woman from Asgard, and messages to Loki through her crystal ball that Thor took the bait.

Loki: "Of course he did, my beautiful Enchantress."

Back in Asgard (at the same time that Thor was fighting the Wrecking Crew), it seems that Baldr is worried about Thor. He tells Odin that Thor's beginning to spend more time on Earth, treating humans like children who can't take care of themselves. And he seems to be interested in a specific one called "Jane Foster," so much so that... well, let's just say that Thor seems to want her to give his hammer a polish.

But can you blame him? Yowza.
After Baldr leaves his meeting with Thor, we see that Baldr was really Loki in disguise.  But Loki's done reminiscing for now, because the Enchantress shows up with her guardian, the axe-bearing Executioner, Skurge. She magicks up a bubble of sound to let them talk, and they prepare to discuss the next part of their plan.

Loki: "No one is ready for what comes next."

And the Micro-Episode ends. Well, I wasn't ready for that.

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  1. This short in a nutshell: JUST AS PLANNED.

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