Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Future of the NewtCave

  As we all know, sometimes life just give us lemons.  When this happens, we have but three choices ahead.

#1:  Throw the lemons right back in life's face.  Now, life has a bruised face and someone gets charged with assault.  Probably not the best choice.

#2: Throw the lemons away out of spite.  Now, no one has lemons.  Still not the best choice, and it only gets worse if you're at sea.  Because everyone gets scurvy, which is not good times.

#3:  Say it with me:  "Make lemonade."  Know what?  Scratch that, I'm making me some lemon meringue pie.

  The point of this is that the originally planned and scheduled video segments will not be happening as originally planned.  HOWEVER, that does not mean that this is the end of the NewtCave!  Far from it.  Instead, the NewtCave will be striving to provide you with the same content as promised, just in a slightly different format.  As such, I have been working around the clock to convert scripts that were meant to be spoken aloud with video accompaniment to a text-based format.  Sadly, some things will be lost in this format change, including, but not limited to:
*  My Bane impression
*  The show intros that I put time and effort into
*  The music over the end credits
*  End credits

But we must keep moving forward, into a bright, new, shiny tomorrow full of even more cliches!
I'll see you here tomorrow when we take our first look at a comic book character in a segment I like to call:
Character Study.

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