Monday, June 24, 2013

Ranting and Rambling: Heroes Addendum

Apparently, I have a good sense of timing, because no sooner than I posted the Rant/Ramble on NBC's Heroes, I discovered that NBC was considering reviving the show as an X-Box Live exclusive, similar to Netflix or Hulu's exclusive programming. Although, the particular article I read had been posted in April, so I'm a little late to the party, it would seem.

...forget what I said about timing.

As I said in my previous post, Heroes did not end on a high note. To compensate for the absolute mess of the later seasons, the plan is apparently to focus on an entirely new cast of characters with a new story; older characters like Mohinder, Nathan, Claire or Sylar would only come back for cameos, if anything. I think that's a good idea; new characters could breathe new life into the franchise. Not to mention the fact that it would probably be difficult to get back a couple of the show's original stars, most notably Zachary Quinto; you may remember him from 2009's Star Trek: Insert Number and/or Subtitle Here, and this year's Star Trek 12: The Wrath of Khan 2.

He's just a minor character, I think. "Spork," or something.
Do I think this project will succeed? Honestly, not really. I simply don't think there's enough of a fanbase to support a new platform for new stories, especially without the original cast. Not to mention the fact that people without an X-Box would be left out. But who knows? I hope to be pleasantly surprised. It won't really affect me either way because I've never owned an X-Box. I grew up with Playstation and Nintendo, and that's enough for me. But that's enough angering X-Box fans.

Final Thoughts 
A "Heroes" X-Box Live revival could be interesting, but I think there are too many obstacles.

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