Thursday, July 23, 2015

Recap/Review: Gotham Girls "Hold That Tiger"

Well, it happened.

I think I've said this already, but it bears repeating. For the longest time, Wikipedia's page on Gotham Girls still linked to Warner Bros.' Flash files for the episodes on their website, despite the Gotham Girls page being taken down long ago.

But it seems as though somebody going through the files at Warner Bros. realized that they still had these things online and finally took the files down. Luckily, the entire series was released legally on the Birds of Prey DVD set. Plus, I did a few Recaps in advance before they took the episodes off their own site.

So let's gets started on Season 2 of Gotham Girls, heads held high in spite of the fact that these Recaps may very well be brought to a premature end.

Well, unless I ever feel like shilling out for the Birds of Prey DVD set.

Yeah, because that's something I'm eager to buy.
This time, the game is simply a version of Simon Says where you feed bugs to Ivy's plant. Nothing special, but this is already head and shoulders above most of the games from the first season.

Ten out of ten compared to that slider puzzle.
The episode opens with Catwoman slicing a circle out of a glass case containing cat's eye opals. Already, the animation is looking much better. I'm not sure about the first season, but this season was done by Noodle Soup Productions, who would later give us The Venture Bros.

Catwoman: "Mmmm. Purrr-fect."

At least this animation doesn't make me furry-ous.
But suddenly, Zatanna shows up, showing off as much of her butt as she can in a cartoon for kids.

Because male gaze.
Catwoman: "Shouldn't you be working a kid's birthday party?"

She throws her loot at Zatanna so hard that she goes off-model.

Very off-model.
Zatanna magically closes the window, preventing Catwoman's escape and reluctantly explains that she needs help.

Zatanna: "Thieves broke into my dressing room and stole something very precious to me. My white tiger."

What the heck were you doing with a tiger in your dressing room?

Catwoman agrees to help and the two soon find themselves at a place called "Fish," judging from the sign.

Or maybe Fish Mooney runs the place.
Catwoman informs Zatanna that some guy named Rex Larson has been stealing rare animals and auctioning them off lately. Inside, Rex is on the phone sealing a deal.

Rex: "Please tell the sultan his new pet is on its way."

"I'm sure it will make a lovely gift for his daughter Jasmine."
A bunny hops into the middle of the room, to the confusion of the goons. And in the episode's interactive portion, you get to choose what to transform it into. The correct answer is elephant, not rottweiler, apparently.

"Pick a spell"? Can I choose to spell these words correctly?
The pachyderm distracts the bad guys for a bit, but they still spot Zatanna freeing her tiger. Luckily, Catwoman joins the fight. With the bad guys soon behind their own bars, Zatanna thanks Catwoman as she prepares to "pull a vanishing act of her own." But not before she pets the tiger.

"Where's that tiger? Here's that tiger!"
Catwoman vanishes into the shadows and makes herself scarce.

Zatanna: "I've got to learn that trick."

Yeah, because hiding is much more impressive than transfiguration.

And with that, the episode ends.

It beats the first season, I can tell you that. It's a short, fun little team-up. Looks like they finally started putting effort in. The animation is much better, the design is tweaked a bit to work in Flash, and the story is actually kind of fun, if short and harmless.  I'd recommend it, but it's suddenly made itself a bit scarce just like Catwoman, hasn't it? Oh, well. See you next time!


  1. Actually, I checked Wikipedia and links worked, so maybe it was temporary thing...?

    1. I'll be checking that ASAP, believe you me.