Friday, November 14, 2014

Review: Avengers Assemble "The Doomstroyer"

"The Doomstroyer" is just fun to say. Try it yourself. Right now. I don't care where you are. Library? Say it loud. Goofing off at school? Say it proud. Everybody just say it at least once.

Yes, even you. Reading this in your bedroom all alone.

Put some pants on.

This episode was a continuation of "The Serpent of Doom." As such, we have the resolution of Doctor Doom's trip through the nine realms as well as a continuation of the prophecy thread from that episode. As such, that episode has now been rendered completely pointless.

Good job, everybody.
You know, it's weird. The "prophecy that Thor keeps going on about is clearly supposed to be Ragnarök. And yet, the fact that Ragnarök is the end of the world is never touched upon, just the fact that Thor has to die in this vague prophecy. My only guess is that this way, they can keep their adaptation options open for when Thor: Ragnarok is made. Well, either that or they want to ditch the rest of the Ragnarök legend to they can tell their own story without getting bogged down in boring stuff, like the final struggle between good and evil for the fate of reality. Who wants to see that?

Speaking of good an evil, were we supposed to believe that Loki wasn't going to betray the heroes? the phrase "sudden but inevitable betrayal" was practically coined for him.

Actually, what can I really say about the characters? They didn't really learn anything, hero or villain. Well, hopefully, Thor learned not to trust the God of Lies. On that note, here's a question. Why the heck did Thor get Loki of all people? When did Loki ever show any sign of redemption? Regret over his crimes? Anything other than pure evil? And why would he ever help Thor, his hated enemy?

Clearly you can trust this man.
Seriously, other than vague rumblings over Loki's skill at getting around the realms, it's never really explained.

All in all, this episode wasn't too bad. It was a bland little bit of filler that wasn't actively terrible. It just wasn't that memorable. There are much better episodes in this season, but there are much worse ones, too.

See you next time.


  1. Lesson learned: unless Loki is a small kid, Thor shouldn't trust him.

  2. I seem to remember Doom and Loki being the highlight of the episode, getting some cool moments throughout. Or at least that's how my (certainly biased) memory tells it.

    - That One Anon

  3. You forgot to mention, this episode has two different angles; the action in Latveria and... where the others are, the name of which has slipped me. What one of the teams does where they are affects the other, and so on.

    1. You have a point; I probably should have brought that up as a point in this episode's favor. I guess I felt that my Recap of this episode would have made mentioning that again a bit redundant, but I probably shouldn't have assumed.