Sunday, November 2, 2014

November 2014 Update


Thirteen solid days of Batman, a week of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and an episode of Ultimate Spider-Man that defies all logic. (A million thanks to Neil Sharpson, aka Unshaved Mouse. Go read his Disney reviews.) Let's check the ol' To Do List and see where to go from here.

Note to self: Keep list from vandals.
Well, looks like another busy month. But in a different way.

I hereby dub November of 2014 "Catch-up Month."

For the next month, I'll be attempting to catch up a bit in my ongoing coverage of Marvel's current shows, as well as a couple shows I haven't covered in a while.

Behind the scenes, I'll also be working up on tidying up typos, dead links, and figuring out why my review of Ant-Man's final Avengers: EMH micro-episode is in that weird font.

On a less personal note, the writers of Eclipse have been trying to Kickstart another comic endeavor, Child Number Four, if you'd like to donate some money towards that. (Sorry it took me so long to get the word out, guys!) It looks good to me so far. The art looks wonderful, and the premise has a lot of potential.

On a more personal note, a guy named Jeremiah Swanson was kind enough to email me a copy of this book he's written, And Death Will Seize the Doctor, Too. Unfortunately, I haven't yet found the time to finish read it for myself, but I thought I'd give him a shout-out. Once I finish it, I'll let y'all know if I enjoyed it. It's about a guy who has to kill in order to heal, written by someone who's had a few things published before. I'm looking forward to it and hopefully, now that I'm not posting every day, I can finally read it. (And if you're reading this, Mr. Swanson, I'm very sorry I haven't gotten around to it yet.)

Anyway, I'll see you here tomorrow when I recap and review an episode of Ultimate Spider-Man that doesn't have anything to do with Disney kidcoms.

See you then!

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