Thursday, May 1, 2014

Update: May, 2014

Well, May's all up ons.

You may have noticed the lack of lack of updates overall. Yeah, the NewtCave didn't get "slimmed down" much, aside from a postponement or two. It turns out that I'm really good at writing final papers fast. Speaking of which, I graduated! Hooray for me! But you guys want me to talk about the plan for this month, don't you? K.

I originally had this chart made, which would have created a three-week schedule template, alternating between Marvel, DC, Recaps, "Major" and "Minor" posts, and I created a two-month schedule based on that template... Only to throw it out last night. On purpose.

In lieu of that, I will instead follow a more basic formula. At least two posts a week. One on Monday, one on Saturday, and possibly one on Thursday.

Now let's talk about the individual segments.

Well, you all voted. Once HatAoS is done for now, I'll be covering...
Avengers Assemble!

But because Ultimate Spider-Man was winning by so much for so long, I'll alternate between the two shows, along with completing all the EMH Micro-Episodes by... When they're done, I guess. But let's say "September," just for crazy 'cause.

Ideally, I'd like to alternate between Marvel and DC... But the Total Existence Failure of DC Nation, my options are limited. This will be less of a problem come July (that's when CN brings back Beware the Batman at 3 am), but for now, I'll do what I can with Marvel and the occasional TBATB, or some such. (Suggestions and requests in this matter are both welcomed and encouraged!)

Character Study/Assassination
It's funny, these were originally planned to be the main feature on the site. As it turns out, they're probably the most time-consuming thing I do, what with all the research each one entails. Ideally, I'll do at least one a month. We'll see how that goes.

Ranting and Rambling
Yeah, like I'll ever stop finding things to randomly talk about.

Saturdays will soon become "Sketchbook Saturdays." 'Nuff said!

I'm considering merging this into a Comic Review section, and I've been postponing the next one until I decide. Open for suggestions.

Top Ten Lists
...yeah, I'll keep doing them.

As always, feel free to request Recaps, Reviews, Sketches, Redesigns, anything!
See you around!

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