Friday, October 25, 2013

Review: The Mighty Titan #2

The Mighty Titan Issue 2 is ten times better than the first issue. And the first issue was a darn good read.

The idea is a simple one: the secret identity of a Captain Marvel-like superhero has cancer. The logical avenues and options are all explored in the logical way. This comic proves that it can understand its own concept better than many mainstream works do. The B-plot with the Nazi villain is also shaping up in an intriguing way.

I won’t divulge more spoilers on this series than I have already, because you need to read and experience the series for yourself. Go send this guy’s Kickstarter for issue 3 some money, I cannot stress that enough.

I have nothing more to say; “Go buy these amazing issues” and “Send this guy’s Kickstarter money” are the most important things I have to say regarding The Mighty Titan.


Why haven't you donated yet? The review's over.

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