Saturday, October 26, 2013

FYI: Beware the Batman Recaps

For those of you who don't follow me on Twitter (@NewtCave), I'm sorry to say that the will be no more Beware the Batman recaps.
At least, not for a while.
It seems that Cartoon Network is doing the same thing that they did with Young Justice and Green Lantern: TAS and postponing new episodes until next year without warning.

I expect Beware the Batman to end up canceled soon after next year's episodes air.

For now, my plan is to continue the Doctor Who Legacy Character Study, and possibly go back and "clean up" the previous recaps. No drastic changes or anything, just give them a consistent tone, fix editing/spelling mistakes, etc.

I'm also looking for an ongoing series to do recaps of, and I'm leaning towards....
Hulk and the Agents of SMASH.

I hope I have the inner strength to take on that piece of show again.

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