Friday, December 2, 2016

December, 2016 Announcements

I know things have been hectic around here for... oh, since September.

And I thank you so much for putting up with me as I struggle to get things out within a reasonable schedule.  I'd rather postpone something than release something incomplete right on schedule.

Luckily, I've been working hard to get things up for December.

My only regret for this month is that I'm a slave to when the DVDs come. If I order a DVD in September and it comes in October, but I have to return it after a day, then I have to do what I can, return it, and order it again. Then repeat the process. This is why I've been unable to add more Spectacular Spider-Man to this year's schedule, as an avid reader has requested.

(You haven't been ignored, don't worry.)

And this is also why the post celebrating 250,000 views is late.

But guess what? As you read this, I'm finishing it up. Along with that, you can expect my thoughts on the latest MCU film this Saturday, followed by another Avengers Assemble Recap on Monday.

And along with that, I can guarantee a few unexpected reviews as a bit of a present for you all, alongside a look at Tim Burton's second Batman film.

So Happy Holidays to all! See you soon for my thoughts on Mister Strange!

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