Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Site News: June, 2016 Announcements

It's a big month coming up, not just for the blog, but for me personally. More details on that later this month, probably, but it has delayed me from fixing the missing blog pictures. Very sorry about that, but the one thing that I need to fix them is the one thing I don't have: Time.

Though I have been actively making room in my upcoming schedule, which should help. It should also help that this month won't be as packed as last month.

As it is, I'll be celebrating the NewtCave's third anniversary in the usual fashion with another Steve Ditko-themed Character Study as well as a look at Spider-Man 2. And that won't be the last spider-related treat at the NewtCave this month, believe you me. And that includes a look at Ultimate Spider-Man next Monday!

See you then!


  1. Yeah, that should have said "Site" News. Whoops.

    Yer slippin', Newt!

    1. Um, hate to be that guy, but it says "sire" news now. Sorry.

      - That One Anon