Saturday, May 7, 2016

Sketchbook: Domino Mask Study

Not all masks are created equal. Even my personal favorite method of hiding one's identity, the domino mask, has an infinite number of possible permutations. And barely any of them will actually hide the vast majority of your face.

One mask, many styles.
Big, small, shiny, cloth, black, colored, lensed, non-lensed; the possibilities are pretty much endless. And the Phantom Stranger there doesn't even have a mask on at all.

I've always thought that a character's domino mask should be distinctive in silhouette, and many of these examples show that, like Nightwing, Green Hornet, Kyle Rayner, et cetera. I feel as though any artist wanting to work in the comic book industry should understand that not all domino masks are created equal. Too many times have I seen Nightwing and Green Lantern with masks like Green Arrow.

Sure, it's not the most identity-preserving of masks, but it's definitely one of the coolest-looking types.


  1. I would give shout-out to good show for having a great domino mask selection, but I feel if I reference Ladybug again, someone will think I'm being paid for this.

    - Faceless "Oops I did it again" Enigma

    1. You can bet that this would have included a red polka-dot mask if I had drawn it AFTER I'd seen that show. Though I love her mask, I'm sorry to say I'm not a fan of the show itself.

    2. I can see that, and to each his own, right? But masks they have good. I like Puppeteer's and Evillustrator's.

      But I will widen my reference pool. Danny Phantom, Darkwing Duck, heck I started Dr Who, now just to start getting what everyone's saying trough their thick British accents. (Bless the Chakoteya)

      - F.E.

    3. Oh, yeah, the costumes are awesome. Congratulations on beginning Doctor Who, by the way. A lot of people are to overwhelmed to make the leap.

    4. I just take it one episode at the time and after "Dalek" I'm convinced it was worth a try.

      Few random thought: So, not all planets have north? Eccleston doesn't look like I would expect Doctor to, but he turned out to be everything I've hoped him to be and more. Doctor's compassion for pig was oddly touching, though unintentionally highlighted his dismissive treatment of Mickey. Reveal of TARDIS's interior was so well played, I wished I didn't know the "twist". It's hilarious how every Doctor's gadget (psychic paper, screwdriver etc) is both incredibly impressive and requires zero budget. Finally, bless Chakoteya for referring to Dalek as "bad tempered pepperpot"
      - F.E.

    5. * Actually, not all planets have magnetic fields, so you could make the argument that these planets have no North.

      * The Doctor's simultaneous compassion and fury makes the Ninth incarnation pretty distinctive.

      * His treatment of Mickey is pretty terrible, though I think my rant on that when I covered the Aliens of London/World War Three two-parter pretty much covers it.

      * You raise a good point about the Doctor's budget-conscious arsenal. I never actually noticed that.