Friday, April 1, 2016

Site News: April, 2016 Announcements

Okay, real talk, guys.

No April Fools gag this year. After the slew of difficulties that all came up at once, I figure that the the biggest surprise I could launch on you guys would be having the blog running as it's supposed to be.

(Still haven't had a good chunk of time to fix pictures, but I'm slowly working on them.)

This April, the NewtCave will continue to bring you Marvel Animated Universe reviews, as well as a film review that I think is needed right about now. And the Gravity Falls review that wasn't posted yesterday because I was sick (like, we're talking fetal position/fever dreams) will be going up Monday.

I'll be going on vacation to visit family next week, but I've set up some posts to go up automatically when I'm gone. And after I return, I have the long-awaited task of archiving a metric butt-ton of posts.

But before all that, the ongoing look at Teen Titans Go! begins tomorrow. See you then!

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