Saturday, January 23, 2016

Recap/Review: Gotham Girls "I'm Badgirl"

I really don't know what the official title of this episode is. Some sources show it with a strike through "Bat" as well, making it "I'm BatBadgirl." Some, not all. And the title screen shows it like this.

Ain't no font renders a crossed out word, Gotham Girls! How am I supposed to type this?
All I know for sure is that this is the last episode of Season 2. Let's begin.

Well, that and this webisode is titled like a porn parody.
The pre-load game is that stupid slider puzzle. I beat it once, I see no need to do it again. Moving on.

The webisode opens with Ivy outside the Gotham museum, planning on stealing some paintings of fruit and flowers. You know, still life.

Harley Quinn shows up, despite the fact that Poison Ivy told her to stay home.

Harley Quinn: “Aw, I knew ya didn’t mean it. We’re a team! We’re inseparable! We’re….”

Going out, according to the vast majority of the fanbase.

But then Harley notices the flowers Ivy’s holding and demands to know who they’re for.

And yet again, Ivy makes a weird face. Let's face it, gurning is her real superpower.
Poison Ivy: “Batgirl!”
Harley Quinn: "Batgirl? You going legit?"

Man, the "cheating on me" subtext is so clear, it's almost the actual text.

Harley Quinn: "So that's why ya didn’t want me along."
Poison Ivy: No. Batgirl is standing right behind you.”

Ivy throws her flowers in Batgir'ls face, but hits Harley, too.

No, I'm not making any fart jokes. I just got done watching "Aliens of London" for my next Doctor Who Recap.
When the pollen clears, Batgirl declares her ambivalence towards crime fighting and walks away. Harley, however, is horrified at the prospect of stealing paintings.

Since the pollen is what reversed Harley’s conscience in the first place, Ivy blows some more into her face to get her back to normal.

So much for a potential plot point.
While the two of them take potluck of all the paintings, Ivy explains that the red flower cures the effects of the yellow flower, which reverses one’s moral outlook. So now, not only is Batgirl not fighting crime, she’s decided to join them.

I mean, it looks so easy. No alarms, guards, or anything.
Batgirl: “You incompetent slugs left behind a Picasso? Do you have any idea what it’s worth?”

Actually, the soup can motif makes me think Andy Warhol.
Batgirl: “Now, on our next heist….”

"We kill the Batman."
At this part, you can click on the loot to see how they got it. Except for the statue of David, which is a shame.

I’d like to know how they got it out of the Vatican on such short notice.
Harley’s exhausted and wants some rest, but Batgirl demands that none of them will sleep until she’s stolen everything worth stealing in Gotham.

Harley Quinn: “Who died and made you Miss Criminal Mastermind?”

Well, she did win the title fair and square.

Ivy belittles Harley by saying that Batgirl was a better partner than she ever was.

And I think we're all thinking the words "in bed." No? Just me?
So Harley snatches one of Ivy’s red flowers and reverses the pollen’s effects to make Batgirl a little bit nicer. Maybe then she'll apologize. But instead, predictably, Batgirl arrests them all.

Batgirl: "I’m baaaaaa-aaaack.”

And with that, season 2 of Gotham Girls is over.

I really don’t have much to say, other than the same stuff I’ve been saying. It’s okay; nothing special. These Gotham Girls are all feeling pretty similar at this point. Each one more similar than the last.

Luckily, this marks the end of Season 2. The third season gets… interesting. Very interesting. But before I can talk about that, I need to play favorites with this season.

See you then!


  1. Hey, its Miss Criminal Mastermind title. If you win it fair, it doesn't count.

    Actually with Harley de-evilizing Batgirl, its begs for Miraculous Ladybug joke, maybe something about Catwoman/Cat Noir...

    Well, I got nothing, so instead I think I'll take opportunity to ask: Have you checked it out yet? Worth your time, if you ask me.

    - Faceless Enigma

    1. Ack! I completely forgot!

      Sorry, December was pretty hectic for me. I'll see what I can do about catching some episodes down the road. If I start referencing it in my Recaps of something else, that should be a pretty good indicator that I've seen it.