Saturday, December 26, 2015

Sketchbook: Christmas Paintings 2015

As many of you probably already know from reading my monthly updates, this year, I've been spending some time painting and writing. Among the things I've painted are two small paintings which I gave to my grandparents.

And now that Christmas is over, I can present them to the world without fear of anybody seeing these gifts early.

The Dauntless Dotty (left) and an elephant (right).
To explain: The plane on the left is the one that my grandpa's dad in WWI, and my grandma utterly loves elephants. So combined, I think they ended up having quite the merry Chrstmas.


  1. Those are quite good! Though if you wanted it to be spectacular, you could've combined the two into a flying pachyderm, raining peanuts of destruction to those down below.

    And I'm really sorry for not really coming here much anymore. I've been involved with the asexaul web forum and I made a really great friend there. We message each other once a day or every other day. I've also been making my own let's play channel (my friend likes LPs and I thought I'd make them for her) and playing lots of PS4 games (Lego Batman 3's a great and fun one).

    And I've also had some depressive episodes where I just lost interest in many things I liked (Star Wars Rebels, Arrow, Supergirl just doesn't entice me anymore) and your site was one of them. I'm sorry, this new year I'll make more of an effort to come back here again.

    1. Hey, I understand. I mean, it's taken me a few weeks to find the time to respond to all the comments that have been piling up. Things get in the way, or depression and burnout kicks in, et cetera.

      Whether you regularly visit the NewtCave or not, may your spirits lift, and may your Let's Plays gain an audience.