Saturday, December 12, 2015

Recap/Review: Gotham Girls "Scout's Dishonor"

Okay, look, another Gotham Girls, blah blah blah.

Let me cut to the chase: Again with this STUPID minigame.

Screw this minigame.
But at last, I shall have my final revenge. I shall beat it. I must.

Not good enough.
I'll settle for that. Take that, decade-old game!
Do I even need to Recap and Review the webisode at this point? I showed this game what-for. I'm pacified.

If this cartoon was nothing more than Bruce Timm flipping me off for a minute, I'd still be in a good mood.
The webisode begins at Harley and Ivy’s place. Today, Harley’s feeling oddly philosophical.

Harley Quinn: “Do you ever feel like we’re just drifting through life not making any meaningful contribution to society?”

I get the feeling that the people who worked on this may have been asking the same thing.

Poison Ivy: I'm an ecoterrorist of global importance. I make a contribution.”

Uh, I think what you do is the opposite of a contribution.
Suddenly, there’s an ominous knock at the door. After some worrying, they open it and find the last thing anyone expected, a Girl Scout. Sorry, a “Mandy Scout.”

Girl, you're probably in the wrong neighborhood.
Strike that.
Why do your parents let you do this unsupervised in Gotham City?
Scout: “Cookies?”
Harley Quinn: “Thanks.”
Poison Ivy: “I think she was selling them.”
Harley Quinn: “I know.”

It’s like, how much happier can she be? None more happy.
The cookies take Harley back to her own past as a Mandy Scout, to Ivy’s disbelief. To prove her claim, Harley rattles off the oath.

Harley Quinn: “I promise as a Mandy Scout to always be helpful, and to share with others, especially those who need it most.”
Poison Ivy: “Well, you certainly took that advice to heart. Not.”

And that’s when Harley drops a truth bomb.

Harley Quinn: “The cookies were the only good part.”

Ivy suggests that somebody should teach those girls some better life skills, so Harley gets a bright idea. And soon enough, we cut to Batgirl staking out a “Harley Scout” meeting.

Batgirl: “Oh, that’s just not right.”

Especially considering the retcon that Joker makes a new Harley Quinn every time he gets bored and kills the old one.
Then this becomes just... disturbing.
Inside, Harley unloads another uncomfortably accurate truth upon the girls.

Harley Quinn: “The more Harley Cookies you sell, the more people will like you.”

Of course, that might not exactly be true for these particular cookies, which include “Chocolate Nightmare” and dog treats covered in marshmallow, according to the interactive bit.

Well. That cookie description took a twist.
Then they recite the oath before going to work on their badges for internet fraud and identity theft.

“And remember girls, Nigeria doesn’t actually have any princes. So maybe don’t try that one.”
But before they can get busy phishing, Batgirl busts in.

Harley Quinn: “You wouldn’t hit a little kid, would ya now, Batgirl?”

Of course she won’t. Meaning that Harley is free to hide behind her Scouts… until Batgirl reveals that she brought the Mandy Scouts with her.

Pff. You want a real army? Bring the Fireside Girls.
Harley and Batgirl fight while the kids have a free-for-all using goofy badge-related methods. But once the Harley Scouts see Harley trying to make a getaway with the money and cookies, they all turn against her. When all is said and done, Batgirl gives out some Law-and-Order merit badges.

Which sounds a lot better than "Child Vigilantism" badges.
And with that, the episode ends.

Again, Gotham Girls delivers a short little story that's a harmless little bit of cute fluff. Though in this case, I think maybe they could have made a few more scout-related jokes; it seemed like the day was saved a little too quickly. But still, a nice little bit of fun.

Next time, Batgirl switches sides to join Harley and Ivy in their escapades, becoming... Badgirl. It is nowhere near as sexual as I probably just made it sound. See you then!

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