Saturday, November 14, 2015

Recap/Review: Gotham Girls "Catsitter"

So, some of you might remember that a while back, my cat passed away. Well, since my other cat was getting noticeably lonely, we got her a friend.

This is Schroeder. He's called that because he won't stay off my keyboard.
Yeah, he can be a bit of a hassle. He like to climb inside my bed frame, gets on my keyboard, and likes to hide behind corners and ambush people's knees as they walk by.

Today, Harley Quinn experiences something a bit worse than that.

See? This totally wasn't just an excuse to talk about my new cat.
This time, the pre-load game is really dang hard. You use the arrow keys to aim Harley’s glove, and the space bar to fire at the targets, easy peasy. But the controls are so unresponsive, and the hitboxes are so small that the game becomes really difficult.

How did that not hit him!?
Rematch. you and me. Right now.
You know what? Good enough.
The webisode opens up on Spencer’s Electronics, where Ivy and Harley are looking at a fancy TV. Ivy’s not impressed, but Harley wants it. In fact, she wants it so bad that she’s actually willing to go get a job to pay for it instead of just outright stealing it.

Poison Ivy: “Who’d hire you?”

The Joker? Amanda Waller?

She thinks of a bunch of possible jobs, which you can click on and make her say “no” to.

So... why isn't she just robbing a place to get the money? Actually, why doesn't she just steal the TV?
Nothing really that amusing, though. Just Harley Quinn in different costumes.

Aw, come on, Harley. Even Wonder Woman worked at a fast food joint for a while.
But the correct answer here is “Catwoman.” Since Catwoman’s always stealing stuff, Harley figures she must have money to burn. So she meets up with Catwoman who is once again recycling that hole-slicing animation to break into a jewelry store.

Catwoman: “I told you, I work alone. I don’t need a sidekick.”

So… I guess Holly Robinson doesn’t exist in the DCAU.

Harley: “How ‘bout a gofer? I’m real good at fetching coffee!”

Catwoman says “no” once again, but ends up taking pity on Harley and asks her to take care of her new cat while she’s out of town for a few days. Said cat turns out to be a baby lion named “Bongo.”

Aww! Hims just can't wait to be king!
Harley: “Don’t you do anything but eat, sleep, and….”

In my experience, cats don’t. Well, they also scratch things. And Bongo suddenly finds himself doing just that on the door. Harley tells the lion that she’s not supposed to let the cat out of her sight…

Harley: “Of course, we could go out together!”

She takes the lion out in a baby carriage because I don’t know, and a woman walks up. She’s oblivious to Harley’s outfit or the fact that the “baby” is furry and feline, and tries to give the “baby” a kiss.

It does not go well.
Woman: “Well. I, uh, think someone needs a nap.”

And a shave.

A dog walks up, so Bongo runs after it, with Harley in pursuit of them both. After an unseen incident in a china shop, Bongo ends up in a tree, with Harley trying to get him to climb down with her. Instead, Bongo jumps out, leaving Harley to fall to the ground as the bough breaks Having not yet had its fill of mayhem, Bongo plays in traffic for a bit, causing Harley to almost get run over.

When Catwoman comes home, the two are safe, sound, and sleeping on the couch.

Catwoman: “See? I knew you’d become friends.”

And with that, the webisode ends.

Meh. A bit uninspired, but not actively awful. The animation has some uncharacteristically nice Looney Tunes-esque bounce to it, so it was better than it could have been. Still, it was nothing to write home about.

Next time, we get a bit of a genre shift as Gotham Girls gets a little experimental. See you then!


  1. Stupid game, it counts 210 points as "at least not terrible".

    ...Or so I heard.

    -Faceless "Joker's tauting smile made me do it" Enigma

    1. I want to know who programmed this game so I can make them play it themselves.