Saturday, November 7, 2015

Recap/Review: Gotham Girls "Bat'ing Cleanup"

So. Supergirl has her own show. Overall, people seem to like it, myself included, though it’s not without its critics. I don’t want to get into a huge debate, so I’m just going to say that what I like about it is its willingness to show a character balancing superheroics and a secret identity… without the typical super-angst. Whether she’s fighting aliens or deciding what dress to wear, she generally seems to be a happy person. And that’s pretty refreshing, especially when you look at something like Man of Steel.

But today, I’m going to take a look at the time when Gotham Girls did the same thing. But with Batgirl.

Who wants to start a petition for a live-action Batgirl show with me?
The pre-loading game is the gas disarming Simon-says again. Ho hum.

As the webisode opens, we see Batgirl in her apartment, hanging up her outfit and wishing her dad, the Commissioner, a happy birthday.

So... she just has that in her closet, then? She doesn't hide it?
The commish isn’t too keen on the usual birthday fuss, but Barbara insists that being his daughter means she can wish him a happy birthday whether he likes it or not. As she talks, she notices a bullet hole in her costume and notes that that was a “close one.” Commissioner Gordon wants to know what she’s talking about, and she claims she’s watching a ball game while she checks herself for injury in a way that lets us know she’s not wearing a bra.

This is something I'd expect from Gotham, not Gotham Girls.
So, believing the lie without question, Commissioner Gordon asks how her day was.

Barbara: “Uneventful.”

We then flash back to her in the incident that put that bullet hole there, complete with superfluous slow motion.

Forget the bra, why isn't she wearing body armor?
She then beats up all the goons and we return to the present. She’s in a robe and towel now, so I have to wonder if she talked to her dad while showering or what.

First, she was braless. Then she showed her navel, now she's almost naked?
Is this just porn with all the nudity removed?
She tells her dad that she didn’t have time to hit the gym, and we cut to Batgirl climbing up a building after Catwoman. After an interactive portion where you can choose which weapon to use against Catwoman…

Okay, let me rant for a second. I’ve ranted about how Gotham Girls has an obligation to include interactive bits, and some of them are pretty lackluster, but this one’s just lazy. Three weapon choices, right? The pellets and batarang will both get knocked away boringly, which the bola ties Catwoman up. What’s even the point? Are we supposed to be amused by a random guessing game?

Anyway, Catwoman gets tied up and subdued as we fade in to Barbara eating ice cream.

Barbara: “Just having a snack.”

Gordon says something about vegetables, triggering a flashback to fighting Poison Ivy and Harley.

Man, Ivy makes the funniest faces, doesn’t she?
Barbara locks her door, flattering her dad with a little smooth talk how having people like him protecting the city makes her feel safe, tells him good night, and hangs up.

Barbara: “Hope you enjoy your birthday present.”

Gordon gets a knock on his door as an officer tells him that Batgirl left them something. And considering what it is, I can only imagine he does.

Again, Ivy's face.
And with that, the episode ends.

This is a good example of what Gotham Girls had the potential to be used for. It’s short, sweet, and shows us a little bit of what happens to the characters that don’t usually get the focus in the DCAU. Again, this is something I could easily imagine as a DC Nation short.

Next time, somebody takes care of one of Catwoman's pets. Hopefully, it's more exciting than it sounds. See you then!


  1. Speaking about shows about super heroines, did you heard about new upcoming show "Miraculous Ladybug"?

    - Faceless Enigma

    1. Just looked it up. Definitely looks interesting. I'll have to try and catch it once they bring it over.

  2. Honestly, I didn't really like what I've seen of the Supergirl show, but, hey, opinions, right? If we all had the same then the Templars and/or the Forces of Law would be very happy

    1. True. I have a few criticisms with it myself, but I'm reserving judgement until it has time to hit its stride.