Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sketchbook: D&D Character: Rend the Steadfast

I've previously mentioned the first character I played in my last D&D campaign, an Assassin who was oblivious to the idea of temperature. Now let's talk about the second.

The stories I could tell...
Rend the Steadfast was a Lawful Stupid Monk. Throughout his misadventures, he would set himself on fire repeatedly (sometimes on purpose), get attacked by a sea monster, lose an arm, attack the quest-giver, and end up eaten by a giant sandworm. And when he finally died through his own stupidity, I replaced him with a character who had vowed to avenge his hometown, destroyed by this foolish oaf.

Now, I knew better in all these situations. Unfortunately, the character was Lawful Good, forcing me to follow his stupidly rigid code of conduct.

Free advice: D&D is a fun and creative pastime. But for the love of Olidammara, do not play a Lawful God character.


  1. Hey, what you got against Lawful Good?

    - That One Anon

    1. Well, my fellow adventurers were a kleptomaniac Halfling, a Necromancer/Gravedigger, ANOTHER kleptomaniac halfling, and a CHICKEN. And an elf with questionable morals.

      Strictly speaking, since I had no idea that old lady was a witch, I had to rescue her from the burning building.

      Which I had accidentally set off trying to "save her" from my murderous teammates.

      In the end, their attempt to rescue my character ended up pinning him under some debris. One failed roll later, and they ripped his arm off trying to save him.

      Long story short, evil will always triumph because good is dumb.

      And roleplaying Lawful Good can be really boring, sometimes.

    2. (Four of the teammates in question.)