Thursday, October 1, 2015

Site News: October 2015

Okay. So.

This month, as much as I'd like to do another 13 Days of Batman, I simply don't have the time or energy to post 13 Recaps and Reviews daily.


However, I'll be covering two movies this month, one of those being the Recap celebrating 150,000 views. But since I spend a week covering each movie I review, that doesn't leave much time for regular TV Recaps and Reviews.

Solution: Three Recaps during the last week of October. I call it... Hulkoween. Three guesses as to the theme.

So don't worry, dear reader, there's plenty planned for the month. And after this Saturday's post on how to begin watching Doctor Who, Monday will bring us the first part of my 150,000 View Celebration Recap of... well, you'll just have to find out.

See you then!

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