Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sketchbook: D&D: The Fire Gem Quest

Allow me to tell you a little tale of my D&D experiences. A tale of bravery... and stupidity.

In the last D&D campaign I was in, I played two different characters, thanks to misplacing my character sheet. My first character was known as Sicarius Sexton, and was a gravedigger by trade and an Assassin by hobby.

Our quest to restore the elemental crystals took us to the peak of an erupting volcano, where a golem of lava and fire resided. After some negotiation, he offered the Fire Gem to us. Graciously, Sicarious reached out an willingly accepted the Gem.

You foolish, foolish man.
Here's the problem. Lava is hot. Not only did Sicarius burn both his hands, but the Necromancer of the group, Azryal, decided that Sicarius was too foolish and dangerous to be allowed to continue the quest for the time being. As a lesson in patience and forethought, he locked Sicarius behind a barrier and destroyed his trusty gravedigging shovel.

Due to the aforementioned loss of Sicarius's character sheet, the group of heroes would never see him again.

...that is, until the DM had him return as a minion of the main villain. He was quickly killed off.

Good times.

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