Saturday, May 30, 2015

Review: Gotham Girls Season 1

Well, there was an entire "season" of this "animated" "series."

I should not be using that many quotes to describe this.

But I've been putting this off long enough. Let's take a look at the entirety of Season 1.

Hope I have enough to talk about. There was less than half an hour to this season.



Look, if you read through my Recaps, you'd know as well as I do that the only theme to speak of is "Can we churn out internet cartoons on the cheap?"

There are no ongoing subplots, stories, themes, or anything. The two-part episode doesn't count. It's a no-continuity gag fest. And that's fine; not everything has to be Batman: TAS. But boy, is it ever hard to talk about in any sort of analytical sense.

See "Themes."

I'll say this, they all stay true the their established character traits from the DC Animated Universe. Harley's a nutcase, Ivy loves her plants, Batgirl's nicely cheerful, etc. But they've lost a bit of their depth in the translation to Gotham Girls and are mostly exaggerated for laughs.

Kind of like what happened to the Teen Titans in Teen Titans GO!

When I'm done with Gotham Girls, you're next.
Utterly laughable. And not in a Looney Tunes sort of way, either. The frame rate is absolutely glacial, the designs are utterly basic, and the whole thing just looks really cheap. Though to be fair, Gotham Girls was pioneering the limits of what could be done in Flash by a major studio. And the animation will actually get much better in Season 2. But in Season 1, it doesn't hold a candle to the stuff being done at the time over with Homestar Runner. Which was just being done by two brothers for funsies.

Best Episode: "The Gardener's Apprentice"
It's a nice little comedic romp with Harley. Harmless, and actually a little fun.

Worst Episode: "The Vault"
Yeah, I complained up a storm about "A Little Night Magic," but "The Vault" stands out as looking the worst, being the least interesting, and having the worst comedic timing.

Most "Meh" Episode: "Precious Birthstones"
I have no strong feelings one way or the other.

Best Character: Poison Ivy
Her dry wit is the saving grace of many episodes.

Worst Character: Lady-X
Blandly written and oddly integrated into the episode.

Best Thing About the Season
Laughing at the fact that there was clearly a sex doll in "Trick or Trick."

Worst Thing About the Season
Everything else.

Final Thoughts
Avoid this like the plague. Even if you're morbidly curious. It's simply not worth it.

This is something best left ignored. I mean, Warner Brothers took down the official site forever ago. (though the links to the animations themselves still work.) They don't want people to see this, and for good reason.

If you find yourself enjoying this season, more power to you. But I can't find it within myself to recommend it to anyone. But alas, there are two more seasons for me to sit through. See you then.

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