Saturday, March 21, 2015

Recap: Gotham Girls "The Gardener's Apprentice"

So, funny story. Today was my sister's birthday, which means I was busy both yesterday and today. Hence, this post is late. And just when I was starting to get organized again, too. As another birthday gift to her, here's a link to her sciencey blog.

Anyway, back to Gotham Girls with an episode so green that it didn't get pinched last St. Patrick's Day. Unless it got pinched by one of those people who always try to rules lawyer their incessant pinching by claiming that you're not wearing enough green, despite that fact that a green t-shirt is clearly enough to count and why are you so gung-ho about the pinching anyway, man? Seriously, what is it with you? What? Oh, right, Gotham Girls.

Sorry, I got distracted.
In keeping with the episode's "green" theme, the preload game is recycled from the first webisode.  The webisode begins with Harley entering the door to "Ivy's house." I put that in quotes because she's carrying groceries and after all we've seen in past webisodes, these two are obviously dating.

Harley: "Honey, I'm home!"

Case in point.

But Ivy herself is missing. A note on the table informs Harley that Ivy's off on business for a couple days and asks her to water the plants. Except for one called "the Mimmitia."

Ivy's Note: "Don't water it. Don't touch it. Don't even look at it."

Yeah, you can already tell what's going to happen.

Harley gets right to watering the plants. Including the Mimmitia. But at the last second, she remembers what the note said and quickly snatches the lone water droplet out of the air before it can hit the plant. But in the process of doing so, she pricks her finger on a thorn on the Mimmitia. The thorn eagerly slurps up the resulting blood, and that only leaves the question over whether this episode goes for the Little Shop of Horrors route or the Pod People route. But soon enough, the Mimmitia grows a little fruit pod that ends up shaped like Harley Quinn.

Pod People it is.
The Mini-Harley drops off the vine and quickly gets to work biting the original Harley's leg. She kicks it into the wall in retaliation, whereupon it splits into two Mini-Harleys, magic broom style. Pruning shears make quick work of them, but their little regeneration trick soon results in a small army of them. Harley shoving them into the garbage disposal just makes things worse.

"This is a good plan!"
Faced with an overwhelming barrage of inch-high Harleys, she grabs a nearby old-timey poison sprayer and gives them an ultimatum: The easy way or the hard way.

Later that night, Ivy returns home to find one regular-sized Harley and many smaller ones watching cartoons.

"Silly rabbit. I like carrots, too!"
Ivy: "I don't even want to know."

And so, the webisode ends. There's a bit where you can feed the Harleys, but it's barely worth mentioning.

Well, except for the part were they apparently construct an idol to their false god.
Once again, Gotham Girls is finally learning what it can do with the online format. While the animation is as choppy as ever, this is a fun little episode. No more, no less.

All that's left now is the season finale. Who lives? Who dies? Everybody and nobody, respectively. Spoiler alert. See you then!

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