Monday, October 27, 2014

Review: Beware the Batman "Sacrifice"

Huh, another ninja episode where they want to steal a MacGuffin. What a shock. I guess the idea was to team up Batman's nemesis (Anarky) with Katana's nemesis (Lady Shiva), but it's hampered by the fact that both villains aren't that great.

Besides that, this seems to be pretty much a filler episode. It contains little in the way of character development and tells us things we already know about each character.

Batman's protective of Katana. Katana hates the League of Assassins. Lady Shiva isn't threatening. Anarky... actually, let's discuss Anarky.

Yes, you, Anarky.
This is Anarky's first appearance since "Tests." I have to say that I like him here much better, aside from my gripes about his performance. Here, he's less of a mastermind and more of a guy who just kind of does things for the sake of putting a monkey wrench in the works of everybody's plans. He's not on Batman's side, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's on anyone else's.

Other villains have plans. Anarky lives to disrupt others' plans.

But the simple plot was meant mostly to establish Ra's al Ghul as the man behind the League, remind us that Anarky is allegedly Batman's arch-nemesis, and not to set stuff up with Batman using Bruce Wayne's ID card. Seriously, what if someone checks the logs and sees that? This is a major moment of Batman saying "Screw the secret identity, I'm saving my partner." But to be fair, Bruce Wayne uses his personal cell phone as Batman. With caller ID that says "Bruce Wayne." So he's made some missteps before.

Overall, I was very disappointed by this episode, but how good could it have been when two nonthreatening villains team up? Hopefully, this is the low point of the season. Hopefully, it all goes up from here.

Next time, Pyg and Toad return. Already, things are looking up. See you then!

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