Sunday, October 26, 2014

Review: Beware the Batman "Control"

Well, Tatsu seems to be falling for Dr. Burr, and Dr. Burr will probably turn evil. Other than that, there's pretty much nothing that wasn't already established.

But as a half-hour romp, this was a pretty good episode. The only weak parts were the same ill-concieved technobabbly Ion Cortex crap from earlier episodes. So, the fights were amazing; Cypher's coiling cables looked amazing onscreen as they twirled about during fights. Cypher's pretty awesome, too. His design is unique, and his voice and demeanor are disturbing.

My God, look at the texture on that CGI. That's almost as good as Metamorpho.
But...  if I may nitpick (and let's face it, you can't stop me), it once again seems like they're just doing normal Batman stories, but replacing the villains with their closest equivalent.

Phosphorus Rex is just Firefly, and Cypher is just a sane version of either Mad Hatter or Spellbinder.

Still, I like how events were shaping up, and I eagerly await Jason's transformation into the leader of the Kobra organization. Not the GI Joe villains. These guys.

Well, what's next? 

Apparently, Batman and Tatsu have to escape a toxin storage facility. Sounds cool! And Lady Shiva will show up again! ...less cool.

See you then!

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