Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Review: Beware the Batman "Attraction"

Women. Just, women; am I right? For the record, the correct answer is "no."

First of all, this was a great character study of Magpie and, by extension, Harley Quinn and Catwoman. The look into the broken psyche of Magpie examines the Catwoman/Harley Quinn archetype that DC likely wouldn't let the writers get away with if they had used those actual characters.

Okay, maybe Harley Quinn.
But Batman and Magpie are two sides of the same coin. You can easily say that Batman and Magpie have the same problem. They're both obsessed with Batman. But one of these two is letting their obsession cloud their judgement and reason until all that's left is self-destruction and misery. The other person is Magpie.

As a character study, this was great. As foreshadowing of what's to come for Batman in the second half of the series, this was an excellent episode.

When I originally posted the Recap for this episode, I ended with the following: "I'll be returning to the final US-released episode eventually. What do I mean by US released? I've got an upcoming post that'll explain everything. See you then!"

I don't even entirely remember what that meant. But for now, all I know is that someday, perhaps sooner than you think, I'll be looking at the Toonami era of this series. Whenever that may be, I'll see you then.

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