Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Recap: Avengers EMH (Micro-Episode 7) "Hulk Versus the World"

Spoiler Alert: The Hulk does not actually fight the entire world.

We apologize from any confusion that may have arisen from the title.

We open up on military-guys in helicopters en route to the Hulk, then we cut to Hulk and Absorbing Man brawling their way through the desert. The airplane-alloy Absorbing Man forms his fists into hammers, and beats into the Hulk. He taunts the Hulk, saying he’s gone soft for redirecting their fight away from civilians.

Stop. Hammer time.
Hmmmm… could the Hulk be more heroic than previously thought?

Absorbing Man: “Those people you’re protecting? They think you’re more of a monster than me!”

Well, the thing about fighting the Hulk is the madder he gets, the stronger he gets. Taunting? Not a good tactic. Hulk starts unleashing his fury on Absorbing Man, who made the mistake of absorbing the properties of rock.


But before Hulk can shatter him, Hulk gets hit by a missile. Yep, the army’s on it way in force, with turret-tanks (identified by Ross as “Hulk-Busters”), helicopters, and more. They open fire with everything they’ve got. But it’s not enough. Hulk takes out a ‘copter, and uses its weapons to take out the rest of the army. General Ross tries to keep the fight going, but he gets an order over the comm to withdraw all of his troops from a superior officer, a Russian-accented redhead. She and a purple-clad archer ride in a stealth fighter to the scene and prepare to jump out as Hulk’s battle with the military continues.

The stealth fighter hovers over the Hulk, and the two operatives leap out on a zipline, revealing themselves to be (for anyone not paying attention to the clues) Hawkeye and Black Widow. A confused Hulk watches as two arrows end up stuck to his chest as the two land.

Hawkeye: “Tick tick boom.”

And that’s exactly what happens, as the two arrows detonate, obscuring the area in thick smoke.

To be continued!

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  1. Sadly, this episode does not involve Bruce fighting Betty Ross' seven evil ex-boyfriends.

    - That One Anon