Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sketchbook: Miss Martian Redesign

Well, March is all up on us!
Let's begin a full month of green with a Redesign of one of my favorite green characters, Miss Martian!

Why is it that green-skinned characters are usually redheads?
You guessed it, I gave myself a few rules.
  • Keep the t-shirt and the crossed red sash.
  • That's it.
  • So it's really more like one rule.
  • Oops.
So, as per usual, let's see what I came up with!

This one, as you can see, is not as drastic as some of my other ones.

Basically, I just blended my favorite aspects of her comic costume, her two costumes from Young Justice, and I added in some elements from the Martian Manhunter's New 52 costume. I also gave her some much needed modesty and covered up her legs. I hate it when underage characters (like Miss Martian, among other Teen Titans) are designed to look like jail bait.

Actually, a year on Mars is 687 days. Is she an Earth teen or a Mars teen?
But when characters have technicolor skin, there's always the urge to show off that odd-colored skin because it looks so cool. For instance, Martian Manhunter, Abe Sapien, etc. So I decided to show her stomach, which pulls double duty in showing Miss Martian's lack of a belly button. I don't know if that's how it is in the comics, but I thought it made it look more alien. Also, I made her eyes red to match Martian Manhunter. ...yep.

So anyway, there's my Redesign.
As always, if you have any requests for Redesigns, Character Studies, Reviews, or whatever, feel free to leave a comment, email, or however you kids these days contact people!


  1. a 'green theme' this month? well then you should do the green goblin. i mean 'green' is in his name after all.

  2. I second that motion! Sustained!
    Alsoooooooooo..... I got two words fer ya:
    Green effing' Arrow.