Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sketchbook: Hypno-Hustler Redesign

"I have a redesign request. Hypno-Hustler. ... I'm sorry. But it had to be said"
-That One Anon

I knew it would come to this. A redesign of a one-note, Z-list, joke of a character.


Now, you may notice that this redesign was done pretty quickly. Don't expect that to be a regular thing. I mean, I'm only Human Afterall. The expediency for this one is because of my schedule being more accommodating than usual and CERTAINLY NOT because I gave up on my redesign of Doc Ock because I kept running into the same issues that I detailed in this post. Except yes it is.

Do it! Do it! Do it! Do the Hustle! Do the Hustle!
Hypno-Hustler is a 70's villain whose outfit gives him the ability to take over minds through music. He can use Da Funk of the music to make you Lose Yourself to Dance and do his bidding. Kind of like the Music Meister, from the B:TBATB episode where he sent his hypnotic voice Around the World.

With this redesign, I gave myself a few rules, as per usual.
  1. Keep the round, pink lenses.
  2. Keep the chest speaker.
  3. Keep the pink microphone.
  4. Keep the character funky.
Let's see how I did!

I like how that hoodie turned out.
Yeah, that's a bit of a change, there.
Now, I'm not as down-with-the-youngsters as I used to be, so I decided to make the character decidedly 70's, but in a different way. More hippie, less disco. The same decade but cooler, hipper, Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.

My core idea is that mind controllers wouldn't necessarily need armor (because they'd brainwash someone else into fighting) and, because he's a Z-list villain, the Hypno-Hustler would have more of a "thrown together" look to him. After toying around with designs to go on the guitar, I ended up deciding against it. Lugging around a guitar to steal things would be a hassle, a weakness, and a giveaway.

Other than that, I have surprisingly little to say about the redesign, other than a story. I Googled things like "Bob Marley" and "Jimi Hendrix" for inspiration, without doing research on other people's redesigns of HH to keep my mind free from outside influences. Imagine my surprise when I Googled "Hypno-Hustler" One More Time, and found this.

Is... is that a fork?
Not the same as mine, but sort of similar. I mainly bring it up because I like his new knuckle tattoos. Heck, I added them to my drawing as soon as I saw them. I'll freely admit that. This picture was also the reason I added the tie-dye shirt to my redesign. I thought a plain white tee would be too similar to this outfit.

And there you have it; a redesign of a character you've probably never heard of!

Want to see a character you have heard of redesigned? As always, all you have to do is ask!
See you next time!

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  1. This is better than I dreamed it would be. Thank you so much.

    - That One Anon