Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sketchbook: Reverse-Flash Redesign

Well, I'm a slave to my PR. Because all of 1 person asked for it, I've decided to redesign one of my favorite characters...

Professor Eobard "Zoom" Thawne
The Reverse-Flash.

Long story short, Reverse-Flash has superspeed powers that oppose the normal Flash's. Basically, evil speed.  As such, his costume was the same as the Flash's, just with the colors flipped.

Flipped, not inverted.  If the Flash's colors were inverted, it'd look like this.

Well, now it's the New 52.  What does the Flash wear?

So, logically, what does the Reverse-Flash now wear?
Nope, you probably guessed wrong.  He looks like this.

I'm not a fan, and I'm guessing a few others aren't as well. Here's my interpretation.

Basically, I applied the color flip to the Flash's New 52 costume. When I was coloring it, I got the inspiration to make the face colored like a photo negative. Going even further, I decided to invert the shading on the costume, too.

I felt like the Reverse-Flash should live up to that name. His colors are flipped, his shading is backwards, and his superspeed is in direct opposition to the Flash's. And I just love that yellow costume. I mean, you just don't see anyone else rocking that look. I'm not a huge action figure guy, and even I have one of Reverse-Flash.

Looks like Dr. Mid-Nite needs a doctor.
Anyway, do YOU have a character in mind that you want me to redesign?
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  1. How about Dr. Octopus?

    1. Hmmmmm... I can give it a shot. Um... [insert Superior Spider-Man redesign joke here].

  2. You should do one for the Top. I think he's one of the only Flash villains not to be redone in the reboot.

  3. How was Zoom created? I heard he is from an alternate universe.

    1. Evil counterpart from the future, actually.

  4. Now that I think of it, shouldn't RF be running backwards?

    1. And his head-wings should be rearview mirrors.