Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sketchbook: "Electro" Redesign

It's quite easy to critique.  It's amazingly easy to say, "You're doing that wrong" without knowing how it's done. So in my own way, I'm going to be stepping up to the plate. Because redesigning and revamping characters and costumes is "in" in the comic book industry, I'm throwing my hat into the ring. For the internet's consideration, I present the first of my character redesigns: Electro.

Time to get some spiffy new duds, Max.
Now, Electro doesn't actually dress like that anymore, and for good reason. Also, his powers changed. He's now a living blue lightning bolt.

Also, he still puts a variant of the costume on sometimes.

And they're dressing up Jamie Foxx in the revised blue, zappy way for the next film.

Jamie, your brain seems to be exploding.
What do I have to offer?
Here's my take on an Electro costume.

The blue parts on the costume are designed to glow; they constantly drain the energy that Electro generates using the small, circular nodes, and can also drain energy from outside sources if need be. (Note: I designed the nodes before I saw similar additions to Foxx's outfit. I only noticed them as I uploaded the picture of him. Same for the ridges on the neck.)

The idea is that the more energy drained from Electro, the more human he becomes, giving him a bit of a weakness to keep the character from becoming too powerful, for story writing reasons.

The general look was inspired by the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 look, but I tweaked the thunder bolt designs to be a bit sleeker, and added the blue areas to break up the green and yellow.

I changed the black neck to grey, and added more of it to give it a more practical feel, like this is a containment suit first, and a costume second. Same reason for the pants and boots as opposed to tights.

I figure that a guy like this would wear head protection, since as long as he's conscious, he's absolutely dangerous. Any way to keep Spidey from knocking him out, right?

Well, that's my take on it.
How do you, the viewers at home like it?
Comments on my design are welcomed, and indeed encouraged!

Are there any characters YOU want to see redesigned?
Leave a comment, or send me a tweet!

See you next time!


  1. Dude thats awesome i think you shuold redo the reverseflash i hate the new 52 version and the new 52 aslo