Friday, August 30, 2013

Site News: 2013 September/October Announcement!

Well, that time is all upon us.  Again.
Back to school.
Yes, as maybe one of you has no doubt been wondering, I am still in college.
As I embark for one final year to finish up my Theatre Arts and English Majors, I will still be keeping up the NewtCave.
But, in order for me to complete everything that I need to get done at this time of year, I've been simplifying my schedule for the NewtCave.
As such, here is said schedule.

*  11-part Legacy Character Study
*  At least 3 Batman: the Brave and the Bold Recap/Reviews
*  Halloween Special
*  Other things

Not much of a Schedule in terms of specificity, but I'd rather be vague than make a promise and break it.
But I guarantee at least one post a week, and a normal Schedule resumes as soon as my 11-part Legacy Character Study is completed.

Yeah, 11 parts.  Well, and an Intro.  And an Epilogue.
Now, you may be asking, "What comic book character passed the torch ten times?"

Well, what with it being a special time for a certain franchise, I've decided to bend the rules a little bit and include a decidedly non-comic-based character. 

And with that, I hope that you'll all join me in taking a look back at....

The Doctor.  All of him.See you then!

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