Monday, July 1, 2013

Sketchbook: Earth-2 Superman

To be honest, I've never cared for coloring my art, even when I was a little kid. As such, I'm out of practice with it. Still, I harbor hopes of becoming a writer/artist in the comic book industry someday, and I was wondering what a colored picture of mine would look like. I expected my coloring job to win me an entry on this page, but I'm pleased with the result, insofar as seeing what a picture of mine would look like with actual colors applied.

Black and white!  Boy, do I ever spoil you guys, huh?
Several colors!
Perhaps I'm foreshadowing the next installment of Character Study? Character Assassination? Spotlight?
No. I drew this in my "Narrative in Literature and Film" class last semester and I'm just excited to see colors applied to my work. (The incredibly observant or incredibly nerdy among you will note that I drew the belt wrong. I drew this from memory, and I guess I remembered a weird mix of Earth-2 Green Lantern's belt and New-52 Superman's belt. With a yellow buckle.)

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