Welcome to the NewtCave!

Hello, my good citizen of the interwebs.

Welcome to the NewtCave, my comic blog.

Since 2013, I've used this place to recap and review comic books, comic adaptations, and other comic-related material. But that doesn't mean I haven't branched out into other things on occasion. I've covered a bit of Doctor Who, as well as other non-comic shows. Alongside my Recaps and Reviews, I have a few other segments that I feature, regularly and semi-regularly.

Character Assassination
In which I examine a specific fictional death; how it happened, when it happened, its implications, and what makes it unique.

Character Study
In which I examine various characters. I find out how the characters were created, what makes them tick, and I go over what relevant character history I can before it gets retconned away.

Editorials and Essays
Sometimes, I write articles either to examine something I've been thinking about lately, to analyze various ideas, or just to get something off my chest.

Art done by yours truly. Some old, some new, and a couple requests, even.

In which I promote some of my favorite comics.

Top Ten Lists
Exactly what it sounds like.

Now, you may be asking, "Newt, where do I begin?"

My answer is simple. Anywhere. See a show you like on the left? Go ahead and click on it to see my Recaps. See a segment on the right that sounds interesting? Go ahead and give that a click.

If you have any more questions, here's a link to my FAQ's page.

If you're ready to dive in, then please enjoy the NewtCave responsibly.

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