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Recap: Teen Titans Go! "Double Trouble"

Sometimes, I wish I had a magical duplicate of myself. It sure would help me get these blog posts out on time when other work piles up.

Then again, cloning never goes well. Spider-Man's Clone Saga, "Double Dipper," every other Calvin and Hobbes strip...

Cloning is bad news, man.

But it time to see what sort of unique spin Teen Titans Go! puts on the ol' standard clone story.

Spoiler alert: None whatsoever.
The episode begins with Cyborg wearing a Fred Flintstone outfit, on the run from a T-Rex. It quickly catches up to him and starts chomping on him. Which is his own fault, because everybody knows a T-Rex's vision is based on movement. Haven't you ever seen Jurassic Park, Cyborg?

After spitting out the mangled Cyborg, the T-Rex morphs into Beast Boy who teases his pal over losing Caveman and Dinosaur again. Cyborg would rather play a less bitey game, but it's Beast Boy's turn to choose and he's adamant.

Cyborg: "Easy for you to say. I don't wanna get eaten anymore..."
Beast Boy: "Then you better start runnin'. Because you've got thirty seconds!"

Holy Thanos, never make that face again.
Beast Boy: "One Mesozoic, two Mesozoic...."

Okay, "Mesozoic" instead of "Mississippi" is a nice touch.

Inside the tower, Raven seems to have the kind of breath that can kill at twenty paces.

I get dry mouth too, Raven. They make mouthwashes than can help.
She opens up the bathroom cabinet, finding a hiding Cyborg instead of her toothpaste. He explains the situation, but she doesn't care. She just wants her toothpaste. When Cyborg attempts to hand it to her, he manages to squirt it all over her head before falling out right on top of her.

But Raven seems to be in a pretty good mood today, so she just magics up some more toothpaste, which gives Cyborg an idea....


When Cyborg begs Raven to make a magical Cyborg duplicate to play Caveman and Dinosaur, it attracts the attention of Starfire and Robin, the latter of whom gives who own two cents on the matter.

Robin: "Magic is a powerful tool not to be used for petty reasons."

Hey, cool, the show just handed me a quote to whip out when I review "Super Robin," "Real Magic," and "Puppets, Whaaaaat?" And possibly more.

Also, Robin needs to tell Raven that.
Anyway, as Robin walks by, Cyborg steals a box of pizza from him which only has one slice left. Raven agrees to duplicate it for him, but he jumps in the way of her spell at the last second, creating a second Cyborg.

Y'know, if Raven had used this power in the first episode, then everybody could have each had a Legendary Sandwich.
Beast Boy comes along to find two Cyborgs in the same place, and decides to hold a little quiz to see if this is indeed an exact replica of his buddy.

Beast Boy: "What's your favorite food?"
Cyborg 2: "Pizza. Duh."

Which is why in 18 episodes' time, Cyborg will refer to burgers as "the best food ever created."

Beast Boy: "What's your favorite video game?"
Cyborg 2: "Invasion of the Bubble Bots 2."
Beast Boy: "Who would win a fight, a ninja or a merman?"
Cyborg 2: "Neither. Being natural allies, they would team up to defeat the evil Kung Fu bird people."

Having answered each and every question correctly, Beast Boy and Cyborg 2 eagerly leave to play Caveman and Dinosaur like best buds.

Cyborg 1 sings a little song in celebration and relaxes in his room. For all of four seconds before getting bored. After exiting his room, he comes across Cyborg 2 and Beast Boy playing Invasion of the Bubble Bots 2 on the Game Station. They'd let him join in... but there are only two controllers.

So after holding in his own manly, manly tears, he plops down next to Raven, who is meditating in the living room instead of her own room for the sole purpose of setting up this next encounter between her and Cyborg.

Nice duckface, Raven.
He attempts to get Raven to make a magical duplicate of Beast Boy (instead of the obvious solution of magicking away the duplicate Cyborg) and she has the sense to refuse. But she doesn't have the sense to refuse him when he asks her to duplicate the game controller he has on his person.

Wait.... If the number of controllers is the limiting factor... then shouldn't he be able to play video games with them already?

I guess the point is moot, since he was tricking Raven yet again. This time, he bounces the spell off a mirror, where it goes flying throughout the tower, duplicating things along the way, causing sight gags.

Still trying to make the perfect sandwich, Robin? You'll get there someday.
Put that on a hot rod.
Eventually, the spell hits its mark.

Beast Boy: "You're me!"
Beast Boy 2: "Correction: I'm you."

I like that line. So sue me.

They mirror each other's transformations for a bit before Cyborg grabs his new best friend. But not for long.

Cyborg 2: "Whoa, you're a magical double? Just like me? Wanna be best friends?"
Beast Boy 2: "Okay."

Oh, the irony.

Cyborg: "We're supposed to be best friends!"
Beast Boy 2: "Sorry, Cyborg. I just have more in common with Cyborg."

Beast Boy is upset that now neither of them has a best friend.

Starfire: "Perhaps the two of you could just be best friends again."
Beast Boy: "This guy?"
Cyborg: "As if."
Beast Boy: "Not."

But in the space of one second, their friendship resumes. And yet, nobody even considers kicking out the magical duplicates. Or unmaking them, since they shouldn't exist in the first place.

I mean, yes, technically... but these Titans will end up doing far worse for far less.
But Cyborg 2 and Beast Boy 2 end up eating the originals' ice cream...

Cyborg: "The worst part is they put the tub back in the freezer even though it's empty! I mean, who does that?"
Beast Boy: "Us, apparently."

...and wearing out the video game controllers while giggling incessantly.

Beast Boy: "Are we really that annoying?"
Raven: "In a word: Yes."
Robin: "Now you know how we feel."

In a later meeting, all the original Titans vote to kick out the magical duplicates, and the magical duplicates vote to kick out the original Titans. And the duplicates win.

Um.. when did Beast Boy become a Nazi?
As it turns out, Cyborg 2 and Beast Boy 2 found Raven's spell book and started raising a veritable army to kick out the Titans fair and square. As the Titans find themselves outside the tower with naught but their possessions and memories... Beast Boy and Cyborg discover that they don't actually have many memories. And their oldest ones only date back to about a couple months ago.

In no time, the Titans find themselves outside an apartment where they believe the real original Cyborg and Beast Boy are, since Robin tracked pizza purchases on Cyborg's credit card.

After a quick gag where Beast Boy transforms into a bloodhound and points at the wrong apartment, the Titans hear Cyborg yelling for help from inside.

After busting their way in, they find....

Kill it with fire.
Cyborg Prime: "Help me. Help me. I'm dying."
Beast Boy Prime:
"You've got five lives left, man. No big deal."

Robin breaks their TV and demands answers, so they spill the beans. They duplicated themselves with one of Raven's spells and took a vacation.

Robin: "Well, thanks to you two clowns, the tower is now overrun with doubles."

So Cyborg and Beast Boy activate their contingency plan by pressing a button on a remote.

Over at the tower, the magical doubles are dancing, partying, and playing spin the bottle.

Which just... raises a lot of questions.
Suddenly, the tower gets launched into space and replaced with an identical duplicate. Because time is running out and they had to resolve this somehow. As for the original duplicates, they've seen the error of their ways and have resolved to become hobos.

Because time is running out and they had to resolve this somehow.
As they fly away to ride the rails, Robin begs them to take the morbidly-obese originals with them as Raven wonders where the tower sent all the magical doubles to.

And so, we cut to the doubles being chased by an alien T-Rex on a far-flung planet before a dance party suddenly breaks out.

Because dance-party endings are the easy way to end your story once the plot is wrapped up. Like a Shrek movie.
So with that randomness, the episode stops.

So let's review and see why this episode never quite finds itself.

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