Saturday, March 12, 2016

View Log: Deadpool (Spoiler Free!)

I find myself having difficulties talking about this movie.

I mean, I could talk about trivia, or examine the characters in depth, but that's not what these View Logs are for. When a film is in theatres, my main goal with these examinations is to go over my reactions to the film and talk about what bugged me, or what I thought worked and didn't work.

When I saw Deadpool... I had nothing to say.

Quite simply... it is Deadpool.

I mean, sure, it's a lot gorier, naughtier, and swearier than most things involving Deadpool, and many people are taking issue with that, or the relatively few and minor changes to the source material (like the replacement of Weapon X with a generic metahuman factory), but in the end, I liked it. At the very least, everyone seems to agree that it's better than what X-Men Origins: Wolverine gave us.

I mean, the main thing I thought about was the fact that if you excise the origin flashbacks, the sequence of events is pretty dang short, but that doesn't affect the film's quality, in my opinion.

And... you know, it was kind of refreshing to walk out of a movie and not have my brain thinking about how they adapted such-and-such, or whether or not a story element worked, or what have you.

I walked in, had a good time, and walked out. It wasn't anything phenomenal, but it never tried to be anything other than the kind of movie Deadpool would want to be in.

So if you're wondering whether or not Deadpool is something you'll like, I offer you this bit of advice.

That's about it, really.
And so, since the Merc With a Mouth's movie has left me without much to say, I ask my readers, as ever, to offer up their own opinions about the movie, or ask any questions you might have.

"Yes, excuse me, I was wondering at which part of the film was your erection the hardest,
when you saw Ryan Reynolds's naked ass, or the Stan Lee cameo?'
Ah, yes, Deadpool. Right on time.

"I'm sorry, who? I have never heard of this... 'Dead Pool.'" 
And yet, you're asking me about his movie. The one named after him.

"....Yes. Yes, I am."
With a badly-Photoshopped mustache as your disguise.

"It was the post-credits scene, wasn't it? Nerds dig that shit."
What do you want?

"Well, other than vandalizing the rest of your post here, absolutely nothing."

"Ain't I a stinker?"


  1. Splendid, view log. Well, that's a start but you know what you really need? Deadpool week. Month of Deapool, no year of Deadpool. In fact, screw it, you need life of Deadpool. Go buy yourself red spandex and embrace inner love for chimichangas.

    - Wade Wil...uh, Emma Frost.

    (What? Slightly-more-robotic James Spader hacked whole website, I am not getting upstaged in 4th wall breaks by tin can that quotes Disney film, Nietzsche, Bible and his dad. I mean, sheesh, talk about being all over the place.)

    1. Yeah, that whole Ultron thing was really weird, wasn't it?

    2. Yeah, I may or may not plan something similar (but better!) when you get to my movie. I'm not telling, but you should get to it. I may or may not have left bomb under your car.

      - Emma Frost again

    3. So YOU'RE the one who blew up my scale model Batmobile.

    4. Some days, you can't get rid of a 4th-wall breaker!