Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Review: Beware the Batman "Broken"

I don't have much to say in this Review, but I still have some important points. All my points are important; haven't you learned that by now?

And now the questions start being answered. And they're answered in the worst possible way. Not only does she just up and spill the beans to Alfred, but her scenes are completely unrelated to the rest of the episode. I get that she's confiding in Alfred while Bruce is away, but... it's just jarring is all.

Having said that, her past as a double agent for the CIA mirrors Alfred's own past as an MI6 agent. It seems like this is a whole family of double lives.

Tobias Whale
This is his 2nd appearance, technically;
his first was in the comic prequel.

I like him. He's little more than a mob boss with an odd appearance, but he bridges the gap between regular gangs and super villains nicely. We don't learn much about him, but he makes an impression nonetheless.

Humphry Dumpler
While the character has been altered into an off-brand Toyman, there's a certain parallel between him and Batman that works nicely. Like Batman, Humphry had one bad day that changed everything in his life. But while Batman believes in justice, Humphry believes in revenge.

A good one. Good mystery, good twists, good villain, but terrible cutaways to Tatsu that mess with the pacing. Oh, well; if that's my biggest complaint, either the show's getting better or I'm lowering my standards. No, wait, here's another complaint.

So, we're five episodes in. Tatsu's been advertized from the beginning as "Katana, Batman's partner." As of yet, she's neither. Having said that, these first few episodes do work much better after you've already seen the rest of the series. Without the lingering thoughts of "just make her into Katana already," it's easier to enjoy episodes on their own terms.

Next time, we're getting a little toxic. See you then.

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