Friday, March 21, 2014

NewtCave FAQs

So, what's this site all about?
Hey there, new reader! Here's an introduction page just for you!

If clicking is too much hassle, here's the breakdown: Recaps, Reviews, and various Essays and Editorials.

How do you guys....
Let me stop you right there. It's just me.

How the heck did you find the time to write all this stuff?
It's how I relax.

Anyway, how do you decide what to Recap/Review/etc.?
Good question. Sometimes I have a poll here on the blog, oftentimes I do what I feel like.

Do you take requests for Recaps and Reviews?
If it falls into my area of expertise (comic books and assorted nerdery), I'll probably take a crack at it when I can fit it into my schedule. All you have to do is ask.

Will you draw/redesign _________?
Again, all you have to do is ask. Just remember when you request something, I try to keep this place somewhat family friendly.

How do I contact you to request something?
Contact information can be found here.

Are you a Marvel or a DC?
I like many things from both companies; they're both exciting me and irking me equally at this moment.

How've you been doing?
Pretty good, you?

Not too bad. Can't complain.
Good, good.

Do you need anything from me?
Well, it would be nice if you read my posts after you're done with the FAQ's. If you enjoy what the NewtCave has to offer, it would be great if you could show it to a friend, or share a link. I'd love some feedback, too; you can leave a comment, shoot me an email, tweet me, etc.

Where should I start reading your blog?
Anywhere. See a show to the left you like? Why not give it a click? Want to learn about various comic characters? Go ahead and click Character Study to the right. See anything else that looks interesting? I invite you to check it out.

Sounds cool.

Is that all your questions then?

Cool. Will I be seeing you around the blog?
Yeah, I... wait, I thought I was supposed to be asking the questions.

Were you?
Pretty sure.

Oh. But aren't you done with questions?
Well... yes, but....

Then why are you so upset?
Well, I'm not. It's just....

Then enjoy your stay at the NewtCave! We'll keep the NewtSignal on for you.
...I'm so confused.